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't see coming, stand up! come on, follow me. well, hello, america. there is a revolution that is happening in this country, and it's one that most people aren't really aware of. it has been happening for a while. we will get into that in the next few minutes. the most transparent white house in history, however, hasn't answered any of the questions. of course, he was on vacation, so we should wait. maybe he will do it tomorrow. we asked a lot of questions last week, tough questions like why does the president have so many marxist, socialist radicals and a self-proclaimed communist advising him? i'm still hopeful that there's a simple explanation, but i don't think so. maybe he just wasn't aware of their radical beliefs, you know. after all, he sat in reverend wright's pews for 20 years and didn't catch on to the fact that wright isn't too fond of america or what was he called it, the u.s. k.k.a. of america. so here is the one thing of tonight. it is not an accident. president obama's radical advisors are there for a reason. they are fighting a revolution. it's not the kin
. the book is called the last best hope restoring conservatism and america's promise. i am pleased to have him back at this table. welcome. >> sorry you had to bring me. >> i enjoy hearing the stories about the ball girl last time here. (laughter) >> rose: how are you different today? >> you know, i think -- i think i know now in 2009 what i didn't know in 1995. >> rose: i hope so. >> and ironically, i'm counselling my liberal democratic friends, saying just relax. you know, i thought 1995 when we conservatives took over congress, we owned the world. that we could pass whatever we wanted to pass through the house. the senate would confirm it. it would go to the white house, be signed and it would be law. and what i found out was james madison was a pretty smart guy. we darted further right than america was ready to go. and you had moderate republicans and democrats in the senate. it sort of chiseled off the edges of that agenda. the same thing's happening now. and democrats have gone too far left. they spent too much money. they're moving faster than the middle of american political though
was with my father on this tr. for us, it was like christopher columbus' discovery of america and we discovered america for ourself. we knew manhaan a america is very different. we knew something from mark twain of the 19th century america. it was a new world and we tried to find out what it looks like. very interesting. that it is just the detail of this book. but from the oer side, my first question is why did you write this book? 50 years ago, a visit from one little country to the united states may be other leaders came here. sometimes they were eccentric. president yeltsin was more eccentric. wind khrushchev came here, he just showed the time li a contemporary politician would rather go to but larry chiao other than thenn bause part of this was my father's behavior. maybe because it was not eliminated at the time. nodid one visage but it was change. wire rope the but? >> guest: i wrote the book because i happened to stumble upon the story of your father, micki chris jeff, a trip to the united stes which is now 50 years ago but when i stumbledpon it, it was 30 or 35 years old. i
. more than that it was a road trip across america and the 1950's it elimited what i became hooked on that i rd the clips and is the rocks a bunch of them and filed them away for futureeference. then i began to read your father's nemours and he wrote to a lot about it and his memoirs were very human, very funny he was wonderfully earth the and started to read other pele's nemours and i became the world's only khrushchev buff. i was writing for the "washington post" a few years ago and realize the 50th anniversary was coming and if i was er going to write the book, ihould do it now so i did and it is now and it is called "k blows top". the reason for the title is it is the third line of 33 line have died from the nework daily news it was denied to tour of disneyland, it "k blows top". he was not allowed to go there but we can get into that later. >> host: your book is very different because it is filled with political analysisdiscussion in trying toush this of the historic cold war and it was part of the khrushchev are in toronto and -- on to rise entourage. i was scared. [laughter]
says president obama is trying to change america, but maybe not the change you bargained for. outspoken conservative actor jon voight will be here to tell us why he's become so involved and he'll give us his take on health care reform. and they're one of the top christian music bands in the world, but recording platinum albums and selling out concerts not their only job. they're also youth counselors who try to keep teenagers on the right path. grammy award winning casting crowns purchase one of their biggest hits here on the show tonight. well, this weekend, funeral services were held for senator ted kennedy and with his burial, the end of a long and storied senate career. though there were many controversy over the issues in his personnel life, he was true to his personnal political convictions, he didn't try to reinvent himself with each owe lex or poll and proudly proclaimed himself a liberal when most ran from the label. i respect people who are honest in their own political leanings far more than those who change with the season. no one can accuse ted kennedy of campaigning differ
and america'sha amased to have m back at this tle. welce. >> sorry you had to bring e. >> i joy hearing the stories out the ball gi la time here. (laughter) >> rose: w are you differt today? >> you kw, i think -- i think i know now in 2009 what i dn't know in 1995. > rose: i hope so. >> and ironically, i'm counselling my liberal democratic friends, sang just relax. you know, ihought 1995 en we conservatives took over coness, we owned the world. that w could pass atever we wanteto pass through the house. the senate would confirm it. it would go tohe white house, be signednd it would be l. and what i found out was james mason was a pret smart guy. we darted further right than amica was ready to go. and you ha moderat republicans and democts in the senate. it sort ofhiseled off the edges of tt agenda. the same thing's happening now. and docrats have goneoo far left. thespent too much money. they're movi faster th the middlef american political thought is ready to go. and there learning th same lesson. >>ose: are they doing that because it is their ideaologic place or are they doi that beca
no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >>> i'm supposed to be out here right now? i'm not governor mike huckabee. i'm not george w. bush either. but i would like to welcome you to, what is that guy's name? huckabee. ladies and gentlemen, mike huckabee, the governor. bring it on! [ applause ] >> hey, frank. >> hello, how are you? >> i'm doing great. so, we have you on the show today. >> yes, i will be here. >> which means we have dozens of people on the show today, right? >> that's absolutely, correct. >> give us a little preview. >> maybe a little bit of this. >> what were you thinking? very odd, very weird and let's get going. i want to see jon voigt. >> frank cal dougiendo on the w today. look forward to seeing you in a few minutes, frank. >> also, tonight, he says president obama is trying to change america
>>> good morning, america. breaking news. two firefighters die as they try to travel through massive wildfires in california. nearly 50,000 acres ablaze. 12,000 homes threatened. >>> our house is gone. >> are you serious? >> i'm standing right there. >> sam champion reports live on the scene. >>> house of horror. new details from inside the compound where jaycee dugard was held for 18 years. her stepfather here with us live, the latest on jaycee and her daughters. and with the two woman who helped crack the case through their mother's intuition. >>> high alert. what west point cadets are teaching all of us about avoiding swine flu. ♪ >>> why a song has sometimes what the doctor ordered. dr. mehmet oz on how to gain more sleep and gain more energy without pills. >>> we say good morning, america. closing out august, the 31st, 2009. so great to have you back. >> my time away was restful and productive. got much needed rest and on the road on assignment and share those stories in the near future. so much news. we'll begin with a half a dozen fires burning across california, the
challenges facing america's future. >>> good evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. he may not exactly be the barack obama of japan, but the man expected to become the country's next prime minister is talking about shaking things up in a way that japan has rarely seen. hatoyami will bring more liberal politics and government after his party swept to power in yesterday's parliamentary elections. and the way that japan does business with the united states and other powers is also going to change. because japan is one of america's most important allies, we will talk about all of this in depth tonight. but first, we want to show you how it played out and the way it looked on television. japan's version of election night from abc in australia. >> the democratic party of japan charged to victory. in a seismic shift in japanese politics, the center left opposition has broken the conservative stranglehold on power ending decades of virtual one-party rule. >> translator: the people are very angry with the conservative ruling party. i thank the people who supported us. we now need to fight and work hard. >> h
, and now weave citigro, bank america, these large, massive commercial banks with massive deposits -- you have to remember, an investment bank like lehman brothers doesn't take in deposits. it invests money around the world and sells stocks and bonds, about it doesn't have people'soney in the bank the way bank of america and citigroup do. they have over a trillion dollars of real money in those banks and those are savings accounts and checking accounts, paychecks from hard-working people, and what we started to see in 2004 and 2005 a 2006 on the trading floor of lehman brothers was a very clear increase in leverage. lehman brothers was incasing our debt to try to compete with the big boys, and we got deeper and deeper and deeper involved into businesses and into investmes that were very, very difficult to move as the years went on, and lehman got deeper and deeper into the storage business. in writing this book, i reached out to so many people. 150 people up and down the firm. and i will never forget in those days in september, october, and november, and especially december, when people f
will get a complete update from sam champion live from the front lines later on "good morning america" or you can get the latest any time at >>> former vice president dick cheney is once again on the attack over the justice department's investigation of bush era detainee interrogations. attorney general eric holder named a special prosecutor last week after a newly released report said the cia not only used waterboarding but also a gun and an electric drill to threaten terror suspects. cheney says the probe is all about politics. >> i think it's an outrageous political act that will do great damage long term to our capacity to be able to have people take on difficult jobs, make difficult decisions without having to worry about what the next administration is going to say. >> cheney also accused president obama of caving to the left wing of the democratic party for allowing the investigation to get under way. mr. obama has implied he'd prefer not to prosecute cia agents for their interrogation activities and he says he is leaving the investigation up to the attorney genera
sheets like this in america they are call -- seats like this in america it is called a picnic bench. there is not a picture of a person the size of people. you just sit there if you want a little extra room. >> greg: i was going i don't see why this is a stickma but i can't read brazilian so i didn't even know what the insult was. >> i think they speak french there. >> greg: interesting. bill, you are young and skin any. what i find a problem here is the people that set these rules are young and skin any and too stupid to it realize that at some point they will get old and fat. >> actually i'm not that young and i do have shingles. >> that is a terrible joke. >> that is why i'm peaked right now. brazil is following my lead. every day i give up my seat to obese people to make room for them on the subways. granted they are pregnant but obese is obese. >> greg: the u.s. shouldn't adopt similar policies. >> and they shouldn't paint the chair blue. you're right. why not just have a long bench. why should everyone have an individual seat when you just sort of sitting there. >> greg: with
inspired our america. robert kennedy challenged our america. and our teddy changed america. >> people called teddy and me the odd couple, which was certainly true. >> two of senator kennedy's closest friends, orrin hatch of utah and christopher dodd of connecticut share their personal memories. >>> plus senator maria cantwell of washington on the post-kennedy health care debate in the congress. and my exclusive interview with the late senator's nephew robert f. kennedy jr. and in our american dispatch, the kennedy connection to boston's sports dynasty. i talk to the president and ceo of the red sox. four years now since hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast. louisiana senator mary landrieu gets the last word. "the state of the union" report for sunday august 30th. a champion for those who had none. a man who never stopped trying to right wrongs. someone who wasn't perfect but believed in redemption. just a few of the sentiments expressed at the funeral yesterday. president obama led the nation in saying good-bye to the 77-year-old senator who was laid to rest near his brothers j
america. robert kennedy challenged our america. and our teddy changed america. >> people have called teddy and me the odd couple. which was certainly true. >> two of senator kennedy's closest friend, orrin hatch of utah, and christopher dodd of connecticut share their personal memories. plus, senator maria cantwell of washington on the post kennedy health care debate in congress. and exclusive interview with robert f. kennedy, jr. and in our "american dispatch", the kennedy connection to boston sports dynasty. i talk to the president and ceo, larry luccino. four years now since hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast. mary landrieu gets the last word. >>> a champion for those who had none. a man who never stopped trying to right wrongs. and someone who wasn't perfect but believed in redemption. just a few of the sentiments expressed at the funeral of senator edward kennedy in boston yesterday. president obama led the nation in saying good-bye to the 77-year-old senator laid to rest by brothers john and robert. hear the reflections on the senator's life and work, senator orrin hatch of
for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> this is bbc "world news." america's top general in afghanistan expected to say the current strategy against the taliban is not working. reviving the second largest economy and the challenge ahead for japan's next leader. out-of-control wildfires in california threaten 12,000 homes. un secretary general ban ki- moon this is the arctic. on the campaign trial with the first black man ever to stand on election in russia. >> it is midday in london, and the 7:00 a.m. in washington. a u.s. military report is expected to admit that the strategy and afghanistan is not working. general mcchrystal will say that the afghan people are losing confidence in the coalition because the war against the taliban has not improved their lives. our correspondent says general mcchrystal's report is also likely to call for more troops. >> the report will be submitted today by general mcchrystal. it will work his way up the chain of command in washington, potentially landing on president obama's desk. it is a pretty blunt assessment. it says the strategy in afghanistan has
representing 11 million members, including 2.5 million in working america, its new community of elliot, but we're also pleased and you'll enjoy today because he is a passionate advocate for workers and a charismatic leader. having his energy and enthusiasm and vision here is a great way for us to kick off this important speaker series for us. if any of you saw his 2008 speech to the united steelworkers challenging racism in the presidential election, which more than 5000 americans watched on youtube, you know what i'm talking about. he has a fire that burns strong and bright, but he also has a reputation as a builder of bridges between competing interests. these two attributes make him a leader worth listening to. i look forward to hearing his thoughts on how to revitalize organize labor, the countries middle class, and the economy. after his remarks, we look forward to a dialogue with you that david will moderate. please join me at a welcoming richard trumka. [applause] >> i want to thank cerrone for those very kind words -- thank sarah for those very kind words, but more importantly, for all
and that nobody in america over 55 or 65 has to make that terrible decision, you know, do i buy a meal or do i buy the prescription drugs i need? and you and i both need there are some specialized prescription drugs that cost a lot of money. i want to make sure catastrophic illness doesn't bankrupt families in america. in our district alone, the 11th congressional district where you and i live, last year, 1430 families filed for bankruptcy because of healthcare costs. and any family in america, young or old, could be one accident or one illness away from catastrophic healthcare costs. and so catastrophic costs so that no family is forced to be in that position, i think, is an impoant reform. portability of healthcare insurance is an important reform. preventing insurers from cherry-picking for previous existing condition. now, you and i are of a certain age but a lot of my staff, some of whom are in this room are in their 20s and what i say to them if you're lucky enough, everybody in america will have a previous existing condition. because as we get old, we develop conditions. and some of them ar
spent years in latin america. you can't believe if you haven't had that experience, what life expanding experience it is for you to learn another language and to be able to put yourself intellectually, spirituall emotionally and linguistically into another language and the addition of langues is something that strengthens you, enhances you, giv you more capability to negotiate your world, and to be a healthy human being, in the 21st century. i think we need to be having the conversation about how we make our children -- assist our children in becoming multi-lingual, rher than having a debate about whether we should be mono lingual in either standard english or black english. [applause]. >> well, i would like to piggy back on dr. dobson's point. as i indicated, in my introduction, i am the president of the american educational research association, which is the largest association of educational researchers actually in the world and aera has now gone into collaboration with other international associations from around the world, to form whate now call the world educational research assoc
from buyover at bank of america. you did have money coming into the defensive stocks today. maria, names like proctor & gamble and general mills and merck. >> the large health care providers. johnson & johnson also better on the session. let's look at the other business headlines we're following tonight. the chicago purchasing managers index was off to a better than expected reading of 50 this month. it is actually the highest reading since last september. because of a sharp increase in new orders and production. it is signaling that business activity in the midwest is on the cusp of expansion. the semi conductor association is reporting that july chip sales were up 5.3% from june to $18.2 billion. that is the fifth month in a row of sales gains. year over year, sales still down more than 18%. california governor arnold schwarzenegger declaring a state of emergency in four of the state's counties as firefighters continue to battle massive blazes. the largest fire is just north of los angeles, which is threatening thousands of homes and has already taken the life of two firefighter
-line votes, at least you have offered something. i think you will be preceded by a lot of people in america as trying to do the right thing -- you will be perceived by a lot of people in america as trying to be right thing. neil: all right, republicans go back, senator, your days when you were a powerful leader in the senate. you blocked bill clinton's efforts. they did everything with hillary and then just dumped it on congress, and now, you are advocating something opposite, going to what bill clinton did. mixed messages? >> clinton started working with congress, and mrs. clinton came to visit us and said we are going to work together on this, and i said, my to of staff -- all of a sudden, they just stopped republican participation. well, here, it never started. it started with clinton on the house side. we never had republican participation. in the senate, to the credit of max baucus, he is trying to work with republicans on that committee, and i think he and senator grassley offer the best hope of getting some type of bipartisanship, but senator grassley is not going to hang around fore
good friend and a good dad. from new york, good night, america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bret: next, shimon perez discusses the prospects for peace with the palestinians. tough talk and preparation. we'll see what israel is doing about the possibility of a nuclear iran. the white house fires back after former vice president dick cheney says the president is playing politics with the c.i.a on healthcare legislation, top democrats scam bell to fill ted kennedy's open senate seat as top republicans call for starting over. all that, plus the fox all-stars, "special report" live from jerusalem starts right now. welcome to jerusalem. i'm bret baier. we are on the mount of olives overlooking the temple mount. behind me, you can see the dome of the rock, the oldest existing islamic monument. below it, the western wall, or wailing wall, the holiest site for jews. with this as our backdrop, we begin with renewed prospects for peace talks between the israelis an plifns. here is white house corresponden
in less than 48 hours. emmett till's execution had touched black hearts. africans born in america now saw the endgame. white supremacy, nationalism, rage, violence, and ignorance sent us its message from the hellhole of mississippi. now artheid was state news, national news, was world news because "jet" magazine for that week, the black community nationwide put on muscle, shoes, and resistance, either-shaking was beginning. emmett till's death held for a movement of march of a nation his mother did not let his death of history's forgotten page. in alabama, a woman named lowsa parks was quietly readying herself to give backbone to a nation of feet. her act of defiance heard our introduction to a new moses, martin luther king, jr.. the united statesas soon to meet his, ours and his future about to be rewritten. that's a short section from the book. and in the book -- [applause] >> this picture right here on the left, that's paul roberson. and this w.b. dubois. and under it i write, haki opted paul robeson and w.b. dubois as his cultural grandfathers. thank you ry much. [applause] >> thank y
os tv - ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction by j.d. power and associates america's top rated internet-- now even faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just... plus, for a limited time, a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. that's an overall savings of $240 dollars over six months. it's your last chance to get this incredible deal. 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v today. >>> welcome back. it's the failure of the second bank in our state. federal regulators shut down bradford bank friday. the bank had been given two weeks to sell or be taken over. all nine branches of the rogers forge-based bank are now open under m & t bank management. both mt and fdic will share the losses on bradford's loans and other assets. they say customers, though, shouldn't be affected. this is the second bank in our state to fail. bradford is also the 82nd bank in the united states to fail this year. >>> money is on everyone's mind this morning. how to make it, how to save it. how to be smart when you come acr
states of america. they want a referendum on the ballot. would that put texas on the other side of pat buchanan's security defense? that's on the "sideshow." >>> we begin tonight, former vice president dick cheney's attack on the obama administration for investigating possible cia abuse of prisoners. duncan hunter, former u.s. congressman, former candidate for president on the republican side. formally represented the state of california. he was succeeded by his son who served in the military. democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz is a member of the judiciary committee. she also joins us. mr. hunter, let's take a look at what former vice president dick cheney said over the weekend. >> now, you get a new administration and they said we didn't like those opinions, we're going to go investigate those lawyers and perhaps have them disbarred. i just think it's an outrageous precedent to set to have this kind of -- i think intensely partisan, politicized look back at the prior administration. they're going to go out and investigate the cia personnel who carried out those investig
we've kind of nicknamed them the fab five. bank of america, citigroup, fannie, freddie, and aig. the percentage moves in these stocks have been phenomenal.c what do you make of that?c >> the percentage moves have been huge, i agree with you.c take a look at the amount of c volume that contributed to lastc week's market move.c i think if you're a trader and you're on the correct side of that trade and time it c correctly, that's fun.c like i said, with our clients we work more towards overall financial and retirement planning. >> is it based on fundamentals, you think, this trade or technical and day traders moving zblit i think it's technical and day traders that are moving it. >> you're not -- >> not at this level, no.c like i said, we did go heavy c into financials in the begins of march. we participated substantially in the overall financial sect tore this stage. >> that's a good metric for a rebound. when a financial planner can recommend citigroup or aig for a retirement stock, you know those guys are over the hump in terms of getting back to health. >> might have
bernanke. helped bring an economic boom to america it obama and america repeat history? >> i tell you what -- boltering rate, cut the taxes and cut the deficit. they strengthened the dollar and worked and cut inflation. bernanke at some point has to raise rates, that will increase inflation. the deficit already skyrocketed and, of course, taxes are being raised or at least the bush tax cuts are going to go away. cap and trade is going to be another tax. the economy is going to go the opposite way it did under regan. >> under regan there was a 7% rate of growth for five straight quarters. can we expect something like that, toby? >> we are not going get that. bernanke is the right man for the job. those of us working in the financial sector at that time, both did things that no one ever thought they would do. particularly raise the rates. remember the 15% money market accounts. he has the knowledge to do this and bernanke i think is the right guy for this. we are not going to get 7% growth in the economy today. the good thing is we have two billion new consumers throughout the world than we
control of marvel's 5,000 characters. includes spidey and the x men, as well as iron man, captain america fantastic four and the hulk. they have made more than $3 billion in u.s. ticket sales alone. fan boys and girls have been critical saying it would effect the comic artist creativity and freedom. disney reports it's been broadening your choice in entertainment. the deal still needs antitrust review. we show you car chases here all the time. but not many like this. the driver in this case is 9 years old. and part of a fox trip across america. indiana, police chased the boy for more than 10 miles. officers say the hot pursuit hit speeds up to 80 miles an hour. the assistant police chief says the kid stole his mother's keys and took off because he wanted to see a friend. >> he was upset that they told him he had to come in and quit playing. he was mad and took off. shepard: police used a spike strip to stop the car after chasing him for about 30 minutes. they arrested the boy and turned him over to his parents. nobody hurt. florida. sergeant tony melina is on his third tour of duty in ira
of america thinks the heart of the community is - the small business. >>> first 10 university students are starting the school year with news of another sexual assault that happened yesterday morning he lay down next to the woman, she woke up, and screamed. the pattern is similar to maybe one dozen others and they suspect the same man is responsible preyed on young women in the area are urged to keep their doors locked. >>> two masked teenagers robbed a woman. she pulled into the bank of america atm. they approached her with a fake gun. she gave them money and herself on. >>> big construction work starts tonight on interstate 95 in fairfax and prince william counties. this is part of an expansion project. at the work starts in 9:30 p.m. and will continue overnight. there will be multiple lane closures. the construction is scheduled to be finished by fall 2011. that is a long time. >>> the integrys hope this thesis will come back to haunt them. the republican rout the paperback in 1989 as a part of his master's. he talks about protecting heterosexual family lines. in recent polls, he ha
of people to america. what was intriguing to me about this case was that the govement was making her out to be kind of a godfather figure, a sort of a pretty reprehensible human being who had been really motivated by greed d had been pretty ruthless and engaged in organized crime here in new york. but in chinatown she was a popular figure. people were watching the case closely, and she had a lot of support in chinatown and also in china. that sort of disconnect was part of what appealed to me initially. this idea that here was this person who was providing a service. she was bringing people out of china without the proper documentation and around t rld through a whole series o different way stations from thailand to keny to guatemala, and then to the united states, and these journeys were often incredibly perilous, hazards you journey. one of the ships, the golden vee, hat been at sea for 120 days by the time the passenger goes here. they had been in the hold of the ship for 120 days. that didn't mean anything to me but if you think about it, 300 people in a space, probably if we started
systems are not properly built. it's still seems to me that it is a city that america has forgotten. the same is true of other communities in louisiana, too. meanwhile, the wetlands keep disappearing. the famous statement about losing land it every day and the gulf of mexico is getting closer to new orleans. it is still a troubled region that needs a lot of federal help. tavis: some people say the city has been forgotten. one of the things ted kennedy tried to do was remind us so we would not forget those who are left out, which raises the question, who now, with all due respect to others, who is fighting for in new orleans? who was that voice on the federal level that has the clout and power and stature to make something happen? >> we do not have a voice down there. it is interesting, i had breakfast with rubin bridges, out early 1960's was in new orleans, and she famously integrated federal marshals in school, people through tomatoes at her. norman rockwell did a famous painting about her. that school is now boarded up. there are some signs that the school is doing better, but by
suvs in america. i don't know if you've heard, but this fuel efficiency thing.. kind of a big deal. anyway, ford and lincoln mercury have you covered... with showrooms full of fuel-efficient cars, trucks, suvs, crossovers, and hybrids. how's that for going green? now, get 0% financing plus up to $1,500 cash back on most ford, lincoln and mercury vehicles. go to, or visit your ford or lincoln mercury dealer. >>> president areb yib of colombia has swine flu. he started feeling sick on friday while attending a summit in argentina. the colombian foreign minister, as you might imagine, is now busy calling anybody he came in contact with. president uribe is expected to make a full recovery. the age of jet travel is responsible for the quick spread of disease and viruses around this planet. the inside of a plane has been called a high-risk environment for swine flu, so we asked for a reality check on the safety of flying this season. here's our chief science correspondent robert bazell. >> all confirmed passengers please report to concourse a. >> reporter: more than a billion pas
: welcome back. in the months leading up to the november elections. the youth of america made their voices heard in unprecedented way supporting the president. yet, when it comes to health care, the young people seem to be absent from the debate. where do they stand on universal coverage and how do they feel about footing the bill. joining us today, we have got from barnard university, lauren salts and bernie wineberg is from new york, university. meanwhile david alaska -- i have messed this up. lauren is from barnard. david alaska is from nyu. kate is from barnard and barry wine guard is from columbia university. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> have you been watching the debate on television? >> i definitely have been watching the debate on television. >> what do you think? >> i think that health reform from principle is a good idea for young people. i think the current form of the bill is unacceptable. >> because there are a lot of people, barey, in your age demographic who are eligible to buy health insurance right now. but they don't want to because they figure, you know, devel
today. that will impact all of america. we prayed that to lead our leaders in the right direction. the heart of the king is in the hand of the lord and you turn it where you will. we pray that this discourse will be healthy, informative, positive, and peaceful. let us remember why you have given the instruments of healing to man -- the healing of man is still in your hands. . >> we ask your blessings on the state of louisiana, the united states of america, that we will remain one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. before the name whom every knee shall bowel, our lord and savior jesus christ. amen. >> and now we will be let in the pledge of allegiance to the flag out -- by our host, the mayor of kenner. >> thank you, senator. thank you for all the good things that you have done for us. i pledge allegience to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [applause] >> thank you, mayor, for all of your help in hosting us here in the center. i want to
myself to the community, i think that speaks loudly to what bank of america thinks the heart of the community is - the small business. >>> hello. join one of the free things you can do in ocean city. riding a bicycle down the boardwalk. what is better than this? good morning, washington. >>> montgomery kids get back to school today. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> the beach days are almost over. it feels like fall out there today. >> wdo our ouriritst ftl l e .ome 40's inub bs . dtrapeemretus tatempetures thatn fromf chantilly, 65 in the district. clouds will mix with some sunshine. it will be a partly sunny afternoon. normally at this time of year, we're in the mid 80's. low humidity. south of town, southern maryland, down to the tidewater, you have a better chance for ome showers. some may be light. around the metro, we will see the sunshine peak on through. it should be a comfortable first day of school for montgomery school kids. fairfax, you have one week to go. >> very heavy for drivers in virginia. there is a broken-down vehicles on 95 north near
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a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening. >>> welcome back to the most news in the morning. 13 minutes past the hour now. a tearful reunion after 18 years in captivity. jaycee dugard's first emotional words to her mother, mommy, i have babies. jaycee back home with her real family but it's a tough road ahead right now adjusting to life after spending 18 years with the couple that allegedly kidnapped her when she was 11. jeff gardere, clinical psychologist talks more. difficult story. disturbing story, actually. >> horrible story, yes. >> seems to be so many elements but let's start with basically how it is that she adjusts. we heard she is with psychiatrists with her family, her mother needed to get her sister to come there for support. >> stepsister, yes. >> authorities at the same time seeing whether or not, you know, she is okay to be the mother of these two kids. how does all of this start to take place, this reintegration. >> it happens simultaneously. we know that she did see her mother, reunification. that's the best thing. at the same time, we have to
and then put all the stuff on america's favorite family. it's a time capsule of the mistakes that shouldn't happen again. >> you say just to be fair there was a lot of hard work that went into it and you want to make sure that that is noticed by people. >> very good people did very good work. the whole thing didn't turn out so good, but good people were involved. >> i know you stay close to the ka of the and we still love each other. >> we're do. >> want to call you cindy so bodily, but susan, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> love to love you, bradys. a real caffeine buzz kill. the unbelievable amount of calories in your favorite coffee drinks, but first these messages. my health is important to me. it's critical that i stick to my medication. i cannot be one of the 61 million americans who do not refill their prescriptions on time. readyfill at cvs pharmacy automatically refills my prescriptions and reminds me to pick them up. you mean, reminds me to pick them up. [ chuckles ] stop by your local cvs pharmacy to ask if readyfill is right for you, and get a $25 coupon book. readyfill,
's a given in one of america's most left-leaning states. who will it be? when will they be seated? those are the big questions. ted kennedy himself asked that state law be changed to allow his temporary replacement. his interim successor to be appointed by the governor, which is not now permitted in massachusetts, though it is in most states. massachusetts governor today said he favors that and the state legislature set hearings for september 9th to consider changing the law to let's patrick pick an interim senator. but patrick also said january 19th is the day of a special election to elect the senator who would then serve out the three years left in ted kennedy's term. among those said to be possibles for the appointment -- and the interim election are joe kennedy, the former congressman, ted's nephew. and ted kennedy's widow, vicki kennedy. though governor patrick said that victoria kennedy said she's not interested in the job. now all of this matters to those of us who are not from massachusetts because without either an interim successor or until the special election in january, the
right. ( announcer ) blackberry runs better on america's largest 3g network. and now buy any blackberry, like the new tour, and get one free. verizon wireless. welcome home, man. >> did you have a good vacation? >> the president wrapped up his vacation. he went there to play golf and today's trip to the general store seemed anything but relaxing. the family stay interrupted by near misses of hurricane bill and danny. the reappointment of fed chairman ben bernanke and the death and funeral of senator ted kennedy. the president is back in the whites house facing the prospect of acrimonious healthcare debate without ted kennedy around. a promised probe of the cia. >> the enhanced interrogation techniques were absolutely essential in saving thousands of americans lives and preventing further attacks against the united states and giving us the intelligence needed to find their camps find out how they are being financed. it was good policy and properly carried out and worked very ks very well. even when they went beyond the legal authorization you are okay with it? >> i am. >> it produce
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. an that we ought to give something back to america in terms for all that it has given to us. >> larry: you feel you owe it back? >> it isn't a question of sort of an obligation. it is, as much to the country as a sense of feeling about our fellow human beings. how you might be able to have an impact, positive impact on, on -- on the people. >> younger brother of the president scored an overwhelming victory in the democratic primary, capturing 69% of the vote. >> i think my father believed very strongly that americans should represent sort of a level playing field for people. and that, and then, individual initiative can move ahead. and so, you don't have to, the one point that my brothers all pointed out is you don't have to be a senator or congressman to make a difference. all you have to do is just be involved. i would just hope for my nieces and nephews they would have a constructi constructive, positive, useful lives. don't have to be elected necessarily. ( revving, siren blares ) there's no way to hide it. sir, have you been drinking tonight? if you ride drunk, you will get caught...
if this breadwinner brought home a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening. are enjoying the new palm pre from sprint. its revolutionary web os allows multiple applications to run at the same time. - ( thunder and rain ) - millions are using the simply everything plan. - each is saving $1200 over an at&t iphone plan. - ( cash register dings ) together that's billions of dollars. enough to open a dunkin' donuts in space. from america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. get the palm pre. only from sprint. only on the now network. >>> welcome back. there are shocking new details about why the terrorist convicted in the lockerbie bombing may have been let out of prison. >> david britain's justice secretary jack straw said his quote, caved that abdel ba set al-megrahi be returned. shortly after the deal was reached to free al-megrahi, a multimillion dollar oil agreement was reached. meanwhile, megrahi who has terminal cancer has been hospitalized after returning home to libya. that's the reception he got. robert gibbs says he does
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